Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

The Company, the information that can identify you personally (hereinafter referred to as "personal information" and says) recognizes that it is important to adequately protect, we're working as a company in the following manner.

1) If I am allowed to collect personal information from our customers, we will collect the personal information of the extent necessary in our company.
As long as it does not depend on the legal demands, etc., do not be disclosed or provided to your prior approval, without a third party.
It does not do also be provided to subcontractors your personal information.

2) loss of personal information, destruction, alteration, and to prevent the leakage, etc., unauthorized access countermeasures, make the information security measures such as anti-virus.

3) with respect to the handling of personal information, as well as compliance with laws and regulations and other regulations regarding personal information, including personal information protection law, and act in accordance with the internal regulations.
In addition, a set of educational and awareness-raising to workers, including the officer.

4) to develop a compliance program for the protection of personal information, and implementation, and maintenance, and to continuous improvement.

5) The Company, the personal information of customers, and use in a range of collection purpose and the like that were explicitly in advance customers.
In addition, the Company, there is a case where our services who available to customers, the information related to the products, etc., to introduce by e-mail. If that is unnecessary these introduce, in the "newsletter", by that get set, we will so as not to perform the subsequent introduction.
Inquiry of your personal information, correction, regarding the deletion, you can see after login.