Boxing 03

  • Boxing 03
  • Brand: COCOA SOFT
  • Product Code: cohz-003
  • Video Size: 1920×1080
  • Data size: 1.93GB
  • Video Time: 25:20
  • Reward Points: 67
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ¥990
  • ¥743

  • Ex Tax: ¥675
  • Price in reward points: 900

1 Wear a rubber-like costume

2 Pour in what is written as adhesive (not telling the model, you can see a real reaction)

3 Rotor insertion (no video)

4 Glue the chuck with instant adhesive

5 Cut the metal part of the chuck so that it cannot be removed by yourself.

6 Catheter insertion for enema and excrement (no video)

7 Wrap the wrap while sitting

8 Wrap white vinyl tape on the wrap

9 In addition, roll a black wrap

10 Pack in a box and pour urethane foam

11 Put more in a big box (no video)

12 Drive on a light truck and drive in Tokyo (Shibuya scrambled intersection, etc.)

13 The sun goes down and at night, gasoline is put on the box and burned.

Although the flow is as described above, this work has a lot of shooting problems, part of the video data is damaged, there is no video out of the box, the air conditioner wind is fragile The sound hit the camera microphone and the sound was subtle.

For this reason, part of the video can not be recorded, or part of the video is recorded in fast-forward.

Because the work was not satisfactory, it will be sold at a very affordable price.

Driving with people on the truck bed is prohibited by Japanese law.

Part of the video is fiction ~ w

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