Urethane Foam

  • Urethane Foam
  • Brand: COCOA SOFT
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  • Video Size: 720×396
  • Data size: 161MB
  • Video Time: 22:45
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Systemic restraint using urethane foam (foamed urethane).

Since urethane cannot be directly sprayed onto the skin, the grease is applied to the whole body first, and the model is fixed behind so that it will not fall down after being hardened with urethane.

This work includes video from the main camera and video from the sub camera.

Until now, women have been restrained with various materials such as wraps, bandages, and plaster, but urethane foam was the strongest so that the person could not come out from inside.

What is unfortunate about this work is that the video ends when the face comes out of the urethane.

If it was true, I wanted to record completely until the whole body came out, but the model was smelled, I should have mouth breathing, but it was nose breathing, so it was very smelly That's right. (Bitter smile)