Alginate 001

  • Alginate 001
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  • Video Time: 62:46
  • Reward Points: 150
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A lot of Alginate (a material used by dentists to take the shape of teeth) was used, and the woman was packed in a box and hardened.
It is a set of 4 videos, the 1st to 3rd challenge and the 3rd time another camera video (vertical video).

・In the first challenge, the amount of alginate was too small and failed.
・For the second challenge, I improved the amount of Alginate, but the size of the box was a little small.
・The 3rd challenge was the 3rd time, and I managed to solidify my whole body.

The video currently on sale has been re-edited, and the recording time has increased compared to the video that was sold in the past.
The scenes that were cut from the videos sold in the past are recorded in the form of fast-forwarding. (Because there are many private conversations of the models, they are recorded in the form of fast-forwarding.)

Video change history

  • 2007
    400×220 wmv
    720×396 DivX
  • 2013
    400×220 wmv → mp4
    720×396 DivX → mp4
  • 2023
    Video re-editing
    720×396 → 1280×720 Image size change
    1920×1080 (Full HD) video size added

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