“Sister” who likes to enter “narrow places”, then ...

When I was in a suitcase before, my older brother cleared it up and was locked up in a narrow space.

Once again, when I go to my sister's room, a suitcase ...

"My sister might like to enter a narrow space ..."

"Now ... Let's confine as much as you want ..."

Like the previous time, my older brother puts the key in the suitcase and puts it in one corner of the room.




One hour has passed since I cleared my suitcase with my sister, but there was no particular change or change ...

I suddenly noticed, "Is it okay if you keep it for an hour and have no breathing holes?"

Thinking so, I'm worried ...

As expected, when I opened the suitcase lid, I was confused by the scent of a woman and the appearance of her sister who had a rough breath ...

* The video when my sister is in the suitcase is recorded as fast forward.

Sister who loves “narrow places” 02

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