Inflatable ball No.01

  • Inflatable ball No.01
  • Brand: COCOA SOFT
  • Product Code: coib-001
  • Video Size: 720×396
  • Data size: 75MB
  • Video Time: 17:02
  • Reward Points: 75
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  • ¥1,100
  • ¥825

  • Ex Tax: ¥750
  • Price in reward points: 1000

Original color “Inflatable ball” specially ordered overseas.

Since this work was shot as a test, the recording time has been shortened.

This “Inflatable ball” not only bulges out, but also swells inward, so the woman inside is unable to move and is in a state of full body restraint.

First of all, it was normally inflated by inflating, and the air pressure was increased with an electric pump to further increase the air pressure.

In this state, you will not be able to move at all, so next time you will also press the face.

Fully wrapped in rubber and pressed, turn on the electric massager that was put in from the beginning.

The power source is a timer system, and the electric massager keeps moving until the timer expires.

On the way, I increased the timer time, left the woman, and went to the convenience store to kill time.

When I got home, the tape I was recording was over, so I replaced it with a new tape, and rescued the woman who had fallen for some reason.

The video is over, exhausted and exhausted.

There was a happening on the way, but it is a work that can be enjoyed by those who like rubber restraints.