The previous work (Cow Shit Vol.01) was shot for test purposes, so the recording time and amount were small.

In this work (Vol.02), the recording time has been greatly improved, and 600 liters of cow dung are prepared in one hour.

Even in this work, we do not let the model know that it is “cow dung”, and we have entered it as “mud”.

(While recording, you will notice cow dung ...)

Sailor suits, swimsuits, naked underwater glasses, and situations are also nice.

Anyway, it is covered with a tremendous amount of cow dung, dive, hung, and there are plenty of attractions! !

Cow shit Vol.02

  • Brands COCOA SOFT
  • Product Code: cocw-002
  • Video Size: 720×396
  • Data size: 1.42GB
  • Video Time: 60:17
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ¥2,200

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