This is the second series of white-eye series using a special white-eye contact used for SFX.

The second version uses an aspirator for the pig nose, angle weider, and nipple, and is further blamed with an electric massager and a motor vibrator when the neck is hung! !

You can put two rotors in the butt hole ... How about special fetish lovers like funny faces, broken faces, android girls?

If you are a real white-eye fetish, you may be convinced. However, whether it is real or fake, we will proceed to those who can get excited when their eyes become white.

White eye 002

  • Brands COCOA SOFT
  • Product Code: cowe-002
  • Video Size: 720×396
  • Data size: 54MB
  • Video Time: 10:38
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ¥1,000

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