There will be plenty of “Body Wrapping 2”! !

The aquarium scene is clothes, sailor clothes, and school swimsuits.

The vacuum bed is also gorgeous compared to the previous work, with three women entering, masturbating inside the vacuum bed, and switching on after being sucked with the remote control vibrator on.

Wrapping around the body and restraint level have been increased, and the degree of suffocation has also increased. After winding a wrap, two scenes recording that restrained by winding with blue tape and the woman who was winding with transparent tape was visible!

This work is a reproduction of a VHS work that was sold around 2000 AD.

Although it is a reprinted version, we emphasized editing and expression at the time and have not reedited the video content. Please understand.

Body Wrapping Vol.02

  • ¥8,000
  • ¥3,800

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This work is a reproduction of a VHS work that was..

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