This work is a reproduction of a VHS work that was sold around 2000 AD.

Although it is a reprinted version, we emphasized editing and expression at the time and have not reedited the video content. Please understand.

This is the first “Body Wrapping” work!

The first vacuum bet in Japan will compress a girl.

In the second half of the scene, perform compression even without a breathing hole ...

In the aquarium scene, it looks as if the girl is kept in the aquarium.

After that, you can see a large amount of water-absorbing polymer in the water tank and solidify! !

The figure that suffers from being unable to breathe because it wraps around the face after restraining the whole body using a wrap ...

Various scenes are included, such as being put in a futon compression bag.

Body Wrapping Vol.01

  • ¥8,000
  • ¥3,800

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