For the first time, I tried to play vacuum betting alone, and it was the video at that time.

The vacuum bed can be turned on and off with the remote control with the suction machine turned on and connected to an outlet.

¡The vacuum bed is a thin rubber, so the infrared rays from the remote control are managed. However, when both hands were raised toward the head, it was difficult for infrared rays to reach, and I was a bit throbbing.

Self-vacuum bet play was the first time, so it was normal at first, but since I used thin rubber, even if I pose various poses, I can afford rubber, so I challenge several embarrassing poses Saw.

The rubber that is compressed and touches the skin is pleasant, the whole body is wrapped in rubber very well, and I feel that `` socks and underwear are in the way '', eventually take off everything, naked, I was sucked in a shame pose in the "Man-turned state" ...

”I am compressed and kept in a shame pose ...”

“In addition, in such a state, I ’m an excited metamorphosis, and this video flows into the world…”

Thinking about this kind of kinky thing, I completely forgot that I had temporarily placed the remote control with the power turned on, and the air was completely sucked out, making it impossible to move. In the state, the power could not be turned “OFF”, and it was in a state of being compressed in the suction state forever ...

A director who is supposed to be shooting with a video camera nearby should stop immediately if there seems to be danger, but there is no appearance to stop at all, in this state, more excited I am really a pervert.

Experienced, a word from me ~

¡Vacuum betting by one person can be done easily with a little ingenuity, but if an accident occurs, it will be life-threatening.

However, I can see that I'm excited about the state of the last minute, I really understand ...

Self Vacbed

  • Brands COCOA SOFT
  • Product Code: cosv-001
  • Video Size: 1920×1080
  • Data size: 1.14GB
  • Video Time: 24:08
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ¥2,400

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