This is the second video of the original video series.

Although it is the same girl as “Onanie 1”, it was said that she was doing a pervert masturbation, so when lending rubber, she handed out 5000 yen as a production cost that can be used freely, I bought natto. The amount of natto is also unusual. Please see the sample video (below) for details. I also heard the story, but I never really thought it would be. Although it is a picture taken with two cameras, please understand that there are scenes that are a little dark for amateur photography.

This work is a reproduction of the work sold on VHS tape from the master tape of the time.

Although it is a reprinted version, we emphasized editing and expression at the time, and we have not reedited the video content. Please understand.

Onanie 2

  • Brands Little Palette
  • Product Code: lpon-002
  • Video Size: 640×480
  • Data size: 271MB
  • Video Time: 31:00
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ¥4,000

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