This site is a page asking for payment to those who are unauthorized disclosure.

Currently (March 2019) Cocoa software production works are not selling anything except "" "" "", and publish the work for free There are no sites that have. We do not sell or publish in other shops other than the above.
On the Internet, all sites other than "", "", "", or selling sites are illegal.
(Excluding the blog of affiliates of, sample animation & images, as well as cocoa software twitter and administrator twitter and currently test running sites are excluded)

Publishing and selling at sites other than the above are clearly conducting criminal acts but it is certain that civil affairs and criminal cases will progress as we talk about "simple feelings" and " Unauthorized disclosure under circumstances that do not exist ", there is a possibility that those who are doing are arrested detention and there is also the possibility of losing their jobs, so first of all, stop publishing without permission, reflection If we can guarantee a certain amount of damage, we do not need to talk about it so far.

However, if you do not reply, do not accept payment, do not respond to unauthorized disclosure, we will accept social sanctions as appropriate, I think that you can understand.