To those who do unauthorized disclosure

To those who do unauthorized disclosure

Deleting the content that is currently open does not constitute a solution.
We apologize, delete the public content, delete account of the site you are publishing as "malicious escape", we will begin procedures as civil and criminal cases.

If you can not proceed, we will start the procedure as a civil and criminal case.

1, payment

2, deletion of site data that is making unauthorized disclosure (the publisher performs deletion processing of the page that is unpublished on its own)

3, Remove billing page of COCOA SOFT (same site)

4, Solving (If you do payment and delete unauthorized public information, it will be resolved)

If it becomes a solution, please be assured since it will be in a form that you agreed to disclose during the period when you were unlicensed.

When you make a payment, you need to register an account.

It is for sharing information with each other to avoid troubles such as "paid", "not paying" etc, please understand.

If you are unable to convince the payment amount, or if you would like to do payment split, please contact us with the following inquiries.

If you do not pay, it will be handled as civil and criminal case.