How to calculate billing amount

How to calculate billing amount

● Basic calculation

(Selling price x number of views) - 60% = invoice amount

● Part of the video or the same work title is divided into several part movies (if the total time is 50% or more)

((Selling price x number of views) - 60%) ÷ 2 = invoice amount


The reason for becoming "- 60%" is usually calculated from the fact that the sales company receives from sales stores or sales sites on average 40%.
Example) When selling a product with a selling price of 1000 yen at a store or site, 400 yen will be sales of the production company.

In the usual case, the above-mentioned claim amount becomes sales entering the production company, but since it has been released without permission, it can not be received at all and furthermore, because it is open to unauthorized disclosure, it is ordinary Sales of products sold to you do not rise at all.
For products with production costs, it is expected that it will become even more expensive in the form of claims for damages if it is normal, but criminal cases or civil claims etc. will be done if you can pay the invoice amount There is no schedule.

In addition, if the number of times of reproduction is too much, it may result in a high charged amount, so we will consult with you, so do not hesitate to contact us with inquiries.