Terms & Conditions

Article 1 (Scope of application)
These terms and conditions apply to sellers, buyers and affiliate members who use the COCOA SOFT service (hereinafter these members are referred to as users). It is considered that you agree with the contents of.

Article 2 (Contents of Service)
This site provides download and upload environments for various digital content files, an environment for trading, billing and settlement, and additional services.
There is no need for admission fee or monthly basic fee to register various members, but the purchaser is charged the purchase cost specified at the time of charge settlement, and the seller has the products being sold. A settlement fee will be charged when purchased.
We will do our best to operate this service, but we may change or terminate the content of the service due to business or technical requirements.
Download the downloaded content within 7 days after purchase. (Download period is 7 days)
In addition, the user agrees that the terms and conditions of the Terms of Service or Services, the terms of use of the Terms of Service, and the suspension or termination of the Services may be given without prior notice to Members.

Article 3 (User Registration)
In order to use the service provided by COCOA SOFT, it is possible to use this service by accepting the terms of this agreement and performing user registration from the registration form on the COCOA SOFT website.
For user registration, it is assumed that the registration has been completed when we received your application and received a confirmation email from us.
In order to prevent problems, please describe the exact contents of the items to be filled in at the time of user registration.
In the case of user registration, if it is confirmed that registration has been made with false content, user registration will be deleted.
The user ID issued by our company can not be used for registered users.
Lending to third parties, sale and transfer are prohibited.
In addition, the management of ID and password is the responsibility of the user, and the activities performed using the ID are all the responsibility of the user, and the failure to manage the ID and password by the user is the cause. All responsibility for damages to the third party shall be borne by the user.
Users shall promptly notify the change of information such as registered name, address, contact information, etc.

Article 4 (Handling of personal information)
We do not disclose or provide personal information to third parties except in the following cases.
Submission is requested from the state or local public organizations, and the responsible supervisory ministries, etc., and it is necessary to cooperate in performing public affairs.

Article 5 (User Support)
We offer a place to buy and sell digital content between sellers and buyers, but we guarantee the content, quality, validity, effectiveness, and operation instructions of the digital content to be bought and sold. I can not do it.
However, if the digital content itself is damaged or can not be read, or if fraudulent activity by the seller is confirmed, the product description and digital data In the case where the content is obviously different, etc., research shall be conducted in response to the buyer's complaint, and if necessary, the company shall do its best to protect the buyer's rights, including the cancellation of the purchase. Let's eat.

Article 6 (Prohibited Acts)
Users are prohibited to do the following when using our services.
To make a false user registration
Infringement of third party's right including intellectual property right such as copyright, act with the fear
Upload and download content that is antisocial or violates laws and regulations
Acts that infringe various rights such as copyright and portrait rights of third parties
Illegal act, or all acts that have the fear
In addition, it is prohibited for the seller to upload the following contents, regardless of charge free.
Data whose explanation content listed in the content is different from the content of the content
Data containing computer viruses and unauthorized programs for the purpose of extracting information of others
Data that violates the rights, such as copyright or data with copyright adjacent rights to third parties, portrait rights of third parties, etc.
All data that violates various laws, laws and regulations
Data that is antisocial and antimoral and makes others uncomfortable, such as child pornography
Unilaterally repeat requests by e-mail etc., and forcibly request a reply
Members who perform these activities are forced to withdraw.

Article 7 (Disclaimer)
If we find out illegal use in credit card settlement etc. and receive notification from a card company, or if we judge that there is a high possibility of payment with high possibility of unauthorized use, we may cancel the sales concerned It is assumed that there is.
At that time, we will notify the seller without delay and notify you of the cancellation details and reasons, to the registered e-mail address.

Article 8 (Withdrawal)
You can leave the group anytime by contacting us. (You can not cancel your departure.)
At that time, user's data will be discarded.
In addition, the buyer's right to download will be lost, and the unpaid balance of the seller and affiliate members will be cleared or deleted depending on the balance.
In addition, there is a case that forced withdrawal processing is performed when joining and leaving are repeated repeatedly.

Article 9 (Government Law, Court of Jurisdiction)
The governing law of these terms and conditions shall be based on Japanese law.

July 12, 2019 formulated