Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Privacy policy
The Company, the information that can identify you personally (hereinafter referred to as "personal information" and says) recognizes that it is important to adequately protect, we're working as a company in the following manner.
1) If I am allowed to collect personal information from our customers, we will collect the personal information of the extent necessary in our company.
As long as it does not depend on the legal demands, etc., do not be disclosed or provided to your prior approval, without a third party.
It does not do also be provided to subcontractors your personal information.
2) loss of personal information, destruction, alteration, and to prevent the leakage, etc., unauthorized access countermeasures, make the information security measures such as anti-virus.
3) with respect to the handling of personal information, as well as compliance with laws and regulations and other regulations regarding personal information, including personal information protection law, and act in accordance with the internal regulations.
In addition, a set of educational and awareness-raising to workers, including the officer.
4) to develop a compliance program for the protection of personal information, and implementation, and maintenance, and to continuous improvement.
5) The Company, the personal information of customers, and use in a range of collection purpose and the like that were explicitly in advance customers.
In addition, the Company, there is a case where our services who available to customers, the information related to the products, etc., to introduce by e-mail. If that is unnecessary these introduce, in the "newsletter", by that get set, we will so as not to perform the subsequent introduction.
Inquiry of your personal information, correction, regarding the deletion, you can see after login.

Terms of service

Article 1 (scope of application)
This Agreement, the seller Please login to get the services of COCOA SOFT, purchaser, an affiliate member (hereinafter referred to these members and users) are applied to everyone of, at the time we receive your use of the service user of everyone is of this Agreement it deemed to have received the consent to the contents.
Article 2 (the contents of the service)
This site offers download of various digital content files, upload of environment, the environment and services incidental to this to do the buying and selling and billing settlement.
Upon asked to a variety of membership registration, admission fee and monthly basic fee is not required, the buyer purchase cost, which is explicitly at the time of billing and settlement in the like occurs, the seller, items on sale is when it is purchased, the settlement fee will occur.
We will do our best for the operation of this service, but it also has to change or terminate the contents of the service at the request of over operating or technical.
In addition, the present Terms or the contents of the service without prior notice to the member, change of terms and conditions, that there be done to stop or end of the service, users like shall consent.
Article 3 (user registration)
COCOA SOFT To use the are pleased to offer services, you will be asked to agree to this Agreement, will enable use by performing the user registration from the registration form on the WEB of COCOA SOFT.
User registration, received your application, it is assumed that registration at the stage where will receive free e-mail your confirmation from our company has been completed.
For trouble prevention, with respect to the matters to be filled at the time of user registration, please describe the exact contents.
Upon user registration, if you've been a registered with false content it has been confirmed we will cancel the user registration.
User ID issued from us, not available only other person that has been registered.
Lending to a third party, the sale or transfer will be taken as prohibited.
In addition, management of ID and password is assumed that the user other person is responsible, act was performed using an ID user-like shall bear all of the responsibility, and ID by the user like, the management deficiencies of the password and due responsibility, such as damage to a third party, it is assumed that all users like to be borne.
User-like, name your registered, address, when there is a change in the information, such as contacts, shall notify promptly the change.
Article 4 (handling of personal information)
We are, I do not disclose or provide personal information to third parties, except in cases falling below.
National or local governments, are asked to submit from the supervision of the competent ministries and agencies, when there is a need to cooperate in carrying out a public office.
Article 5 (user support)
In our company, but we offer the buying and selling of the field of digital content between the seller like the buyer, the contents of the digital content to be buying and selling, quality, validity, effect, and every assurance guidance method of operation it can not be.
However, if the digital content itself can not damage or read, if the fraud by selling bidder has been confirmed, obviously sing excessive outcome if you sell products that contrary to conventional wisdom, item description and digital data content different, for example, if the clear, conducted a survey in response to the complaint from the buyer, including the cancellation of the purchase, if necessary, is to make every effort in order to protect the rights of your buyer Let's eat.
Article 6 (prohibited acts)
In order to use our service, users like will be prohibited the following acts.
Making a false user registration
Infringement of third party rights were, including the intellectual property rights, such as copyright, any act that raises the fear of the
Upload and download of content that violates the anti-social, or laws and regulations
Such as copyright and portrait rights of third parties, the act of infringement of the various rights
Illegal act, or all of the act with the fear
It is to be noted that the sale bidder, especially the content of the following, prohibited that you upload, regardless of the fee free of charge.
Data and contents of your description, which is listed in the content, the content of the content different
And computer viruses, aimed to pull information of others, was encapsulated malicious program data
Data to infringe copyright to a third party, or a portrait rights of third party data with neighboring rights, the rights
All of the data that violates various laws and regulations, the law, in ordinances
Such as child pornography, data to feel discomfort in others an anti-social and anti-moral
The members like to perform these actions, we will be forced withdrawal.
Article 7 (Disclaimer)
Fraud is discovered in the credit card payment, etc., when it received a notification from the card company, if you or the possibility of a very high settlement is a possibility of unauthorized use is determined by the high and our company, it may cancel the sales we have a thing.
In addition, the time to contact you without delay sales bidder, per cancellation content and reasons, and shall give a notice to the e-mail address of your registration.
Article 8 (withdrawal)
Withdrawal is possible at any time that you contact us. (Things to unsubscribe, can not be canceled.)
There are no fees or charges incurred when you withdraw from membership.
It may take approximately 3 days to 1 week for the withdrawal procedure to be completed after the user contacts us to withdraw from membership.
At that time, the data of users like you will be destroyed.
Also download the rights of the buyer will be lost, unpaid balance of sales bidder affiliate member-like, will be liquidated or canceled depending on the balance.
It should be noted that, if you have repeated the admission and withdrawal, there is a case where I am allowed to forced withdrawal processing.
Article 9 (Governing Law, competent court)
Terms of the applicable law will be based on Japanese law.
June 4, 2014 established